About | Kevin Perreault & Vincent Bussière

Having had a family active in real estate investments, Kevin was immersed in this field at an early age and discovered a passion for it immediately. His studies in real estate and international trade led him to make his start nearly 10 years ago. Kevin has participated in transactions on behalf of local and international investors throughout the province of Quebec.

Kevin is savvy in the residential and commercial real estate markets of Montreal, North Shore and South Shore. Each property he represents gains visibility and marketing. In addition to using all the resources at his disposal, Kevin’s dynamic energy helps him achieve his clients objectives. A true go-getter by nature, he does not hesitate to incorporate his creativity to meet the needs of his clients and to find the perfect home for them. Kevin’s buyers appreciate his negotiating skills and the transparency of his service.

All these traits have allowed him to represent a large number of buyers, sellers and in recent years, developers a like. Kevin continuously increase sthe quality of his services to be a trusted real estate broker.

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A natural leader, Vincent’s ambition allowed him to develop from a young age an interest in real estate. He made ​​his debut in the marketing and sale of residential real estate projects. Passionate about the domain, he successfully obtained his real estate brokerage license in order to provide personalized high quality services to each of his clients.

Vincent’s main objective is to exceed clients’ expectations. He provides sellers with customized marketing, a broad network of contacts, and local and international visibility. A natural negotiator, he remains calm and focused throughout the transaction to ensure the satisfaction of his clients. He has a strong knowledge of the housing market and sharp communications, negotiation, and analytical skills. Buyers value Vincent’s understanding of their needs and the creativity he applies when searching for their dream home.

Vincent is a perfectionist, with a dynamic and entrepreneurial character. He is fully committed to, and passionate about, his profession and real estate investment; qualities that have enabled him to build an excellent reputation.

Contact Vincent at 438-385-6464